intelligence of children declined from mother

Incredible!. That is the right word speak as an appreciation of how to address these "problem" mothers facing his daughter. He seemed to understand the wise words of Pablo Picasso, a painter of genius, that "every child is an artist." The problem is how to keep it so that it remains the artist than adults "." For this reason, who sought younger daughter is not discouraged, so it can continue to develop its potential as an artist.

The action he took, not only reflect the intellectual, but also describes the emotional intelligence, ability to empathize. He understands very well when his daughter was not alone, that skilled to create interest. He was able to make their children continue to feel successful (draw leaves), although it is the result of the failure to attract interest. 

He taught his son to be able to take the wisdom (and break) when faced with failure. The mother knew very well that children should be taught the courage to try the ability, desire to see the possibilities, confidence in choosing a strategy and an opportunity to melaksanakanan strategy of choice. He also knows very well that all processes should be introduced early on, to the process of learning to solve problems when it provides optimal results. He realized that more and more examples of how to solve problems that he gave, would make the children also develop skills in handling problems.

Can you imagine what would happen if you encounter errors, when his daughter, his mother said: " fool, figure interest alone cannot!!!". Or, say, ", spend your paper and ink. " course, the child will feel like a loser. He will lose confidence, a feeling of inferiority. And this is not a trivial task. Because it's going to be greatly hampered its ability to respond to and solve other problems. Of course, we still remember so many suicides among children, due to its inability to respond to and solve problems.

Attention mother would paint the activities her children are also appropriate because the real parts of the brain that evolved kananlah first. In his article titled Education Starting from the Right brain (the part of the book Son of Smart and Creative Printing, 2001), Salomon Simanungkalit revealed that right hemisphere brain development of children has been started since the year zero. While the left hemisphere of the brain usually begins to develop when the child was six years old. And painting activities that rely on the ability to fantasize, honed sense of art is right-brain work.

The right brain is also responsible for the ability to control emotions. So it was an extraordinary act, which is very precise, when she painted flowers, mothers are also taught how to pass the brush and paint, so he and his five children have the same opportunity for drawing. Indirectly train the child to control the ego, instill meaning working together and sharing, train mengandalikan emotion. This means that stimulate children's emotional intelligence.

A geneticist from the UMC Nijmegen Nedherlands, Dr Ben Hamel, in a special seminar at the Eijkman malekuler biology institute in Jakarta some time ago saying that the influence of the mother is so big. This is because the level of intelligence of a person associated with the X chromosome derived from Ibu.Menurut Hamel in normal circumstances, every human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes iantaranya consists of 22 pairs of autosomes and sex chromosome pair of chromosomes. There are 23 chromosomes come from the mother called kromoaom XX and 23 pairs derived from the father again called the XY chromosome. In each normal cell, there are about 40,000 genes that would determine a person specification. Chromosome from the father and mother will join incurred fertilization, namely the meeting between sperm cells and egg cells that would produce a zygote zigot.Dalam normal circumstances would make the cell division by mitosis so that each cell in the human body will carry the same genetic information.

Some studies said genetics and environmental factors and have made significant contributions to the intelligence of money. Environmental factor with regard to nutrition, physical stimuli, sensory, motor, social, emotional, intellectual, who has a child. And, equally importantly, different environmental factors can provide a strong or a weak effect. For example, the age at which determine when sufficient incentive. There are synapses removed may still be affected or not. Stimulation of children under the age of two would jauh.Dr Bernard Devlin, Faculty of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, United States, including those who believe that genetic factors only provide for about 48% role in shaping the history of an example of anak.Devlin IQ Helen and Gladys, a pair of identical twins who live far apart.

At the age of 18 months if they are dealt with separately. Elena lived and grew up in a happy family with the environment, which supports personal development. Back to Gladys grow in arid regions, less intellectual stimulation. When Helen figure measured IQ of 116. Nonetheless, he has successfully completed a fellowship in the field of English language. But in fact was a break sekilah Gladys hurt. By measuring the known to the IQ assessment, seven digits Gladys below Helen. Sebuah study conducted by the Russian psychologist. He paid mothers from poor families to read the story aloud to their children during the 15-20 minutes each day. At the age of 1.5 years of these children were measured.

Results infants have good language skills in the appeal babies their age in an area that sama.Kenyataan that important genetic factors as a reference for acquisition tingkt good intelligence in children, memeng can not be avoided. But to attempt to get smart children we need an adequate effort is a must. After all, if we tried, the results we submit to Allah Ta `ala and that is not less important also for us is how to beg him to provide superior seeds grow in the womb of our own.

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